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Germany has grown into a multicultural society. Some of its immigrants have meanwhile acquired German citizenship. Immigration, both economically and politically driven, will continue over the next years and decades. But current public discussion preferably zooms in on xenophobia and integration deficits, as well as problems and conflicts between youths coming from different cultural backgrounds. "Has multi- culti failed?" is the question dominating current discussion, whereas hardly anybody is interested in whether there are harmonious and smooth intercultural relations between youths.

18.08.2006 Pressemeldung Deutsches Jugendinstitut - DJI

The DJI interviewed apprentices (known as "Azubis" in Germany) with and without a migratory background about their experience: how do they deal with each other in a company setting? Do cultural roots (still) play a role? In four major industrial companies in northern, western and southern Germany, 886 female and male Azubis were asked in the summer of 2004 to submit written replies on how they got along with each other in their day-to-day training environment. In addition personal interviews were carried out with 47 Azubis.



  • Iris Bednarz-Braun, Ursula Bischoff
    Intercultural relations between apprentices in major industrial enterprises Good news: apprentices of different cultural backgrounds get on well with each other

Brief Reports

  • Low birth rate in Germany. Not enough and the "wrong" ones? Childlessness as a complex web of cause and effect


  • Findings of DJI studies on parenting. Black box family: How competent are parents in raising their children?


  • Findings of scientific monitoring of the "Opstapje - Step by Step" programme. Early encouragement programme for children from socially disadvantaged families


  • Language facilitation programmes at day care centres. Language as a key competence


  • Educational and learning stories. A new look into the educational processes of children

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